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The project for the Chabad Sandton Shul was an unusual one. We were approached by a contributor to put up a sitting memorial for his children who had died in a car accident. The father wanted something meaningful so we used the theme of light which I felt was appropriate to honour the children.

We took 3 Hebrew texts from spiritual verses and created a reflecting wall of glass and mirrors at the entrance of the shul. We used the Hebrew letters by sandblasting and ‘techniqueing’ them into the glass in different ways. A plaque placed next to the mural displayed the meaningful verses in Hebrew.

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Here we had a unique opportunity to honour the music and movie industry in South Africa during the various decades of its short history. Our brief was to create a retrospective viewing space that pays homage to great South African musicians of past decades, through which visitors could walk.

We were also asked to refurbish the movie theatre to give it a feel of the 1950’s and to transform a normal kiosk into a Coke Kiosk from the 1950’s. As inspiration, we looked at a wealth of material from old magazines, movie clips, old newsreels etc.

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This was an undertaking on a huge scale. Our responsibilities included the design of the Gold Reef City gateway sign on the exterior. On the interior, we designed commemorative posters and monument seals for the tour of reconstructed buildings of old Johannesburg. We also designed memorabilia posters for the Globe Theatre and printed out large-scale pencil drawn Dean Simon prints for the entrance of the theatre.

We also themed the entire arcade in a spectacular way. The theme is one of a larger-than-life amusement park from the 50’s

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Back o' the Moon is an African home of great steaks, jazz & entertainment.

With the ambience that gives a feeling of home away from home. It is the most elegant place to dine & dance to the sounds of smooth jazz & contemporary sounds.

Back o' the Moon was a famous Shebeen in old Sophiatown in the 1950's. Today with the rebirth of a modern day Back o' the Moon in Gold reef City Casino, this unique entertainment restaurant provides an elegant ambience for the discerning diner with great jazz and dance. Gauteng now has a great venue in the South.

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